Response Measurement for fMRI

Lumina is an fMRI-compatible response device that can be used in a variety of MRI scanners and with a variety of different simulation programs. 
  • Magnetically and RF inert
  • Compatible with E-Prime, Inquisit, MEDx, and SuperLab
  • RS-232, TTL interface, and optically isolated scanner trigger input
  • Advanced features such as reaction time timing in hardware
The system consists of several components including the pads, the controller, and over 40 meters (140 feet) of cables.  Lumina was developed to satisfy the requirements of both the clinical and research fields.  It is compatible iwth many of the leading software packages on the market and interfaces easily with a number of third party hardware devices as well. 

From the Swiss-made shielded connectors to the lowliest electronic part, Lumina System spells quality through and through.  No expense was spared during the three year development period to make these pads the best out there.

Lumina comes with a full one-year warranty, which covers all parts and labor.  
A premium 3-year warranty is available at additional cost.  

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