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32 Channel EEG Mini-Cap for non-invasive EEG in Wistar rat: 5mm. Size Small: 5 mm spacing between contacts. The EEG mini-cap, atlas and source models for Wistar rats represent a new experimental platform for translational neuroscience, bridging the gap between rat and human measurements and enabling non-invasive multi-modal measurements that previously had been unavailable. This unique MRI-compatible 32 channel mini-cap is one part of a three-component approach to translational neuroscience research in Wistar rats, consisting of 1) suitably sized caps for non-invasive high density scalp EEG measurements in small animals with intact skull; 2) biophysical source and head models for small animal EEG and 3) brain atlas for human comparison: Wistar rat digital probabilistic atlas (special license required from the inventor) that may inform both source modeling and results interpretation while serving as a bridge for comparison with human brain atlases. Salient Features: · Unique non-invasive 32 channel scalp recording array · Biophysical source and head models: brain source analysis methods specially tuned for small heads · Brain atlas for human comparison: Wistar rat digital probabilistic atlas (available on license) and template (downloadable). Optional Capabilities: - Simultaneous EEG-fMRI - Simultaneous EEG-NIRS - Global EEG + intracranial recording Additional Considerations: - Easy to apply and remove - Adaptable to most EEG systems - Inexpensive - Reusable - Termination to Biosemi ActiveRat, BrainAmp MR or NeurOne interface connector at no additional cost (interface connector hardware purchased separately and/or supplied by customer) Relevant Publications: - Riera J., Ogawa T., Goto T., Sumiyoshi A., Nonaka H., Evans A., Miyakawa H., Kawashima R. Pitfalls in the dipolar model for the neocortical EEG sources. Journal of Neurophysiology 108(4): 956-975, 2012. - Sumiyoshi, A., Riera J., Ogawa T., Kawashima R. A Mini-Cap for simultaneous EEG and fMRI recording in rodents. NeuroImage 54, 1951-1965, 2011. - Valdés-Hernández P.A., Sumiyoshi A., Nonaka H., Haga R., Aubert-Vásquez E., Iturria-Medina Y., Riera J., Kawashima R. An in vivo MRI template set for morphometry, tissue segmentation and fMRI localization in rats. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 5, article 26:1-19, 2011. Patent: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20920590


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