OxyMon by ArtinisOxyMon Mk III is a flexible, research-grade system for continuous wave near-infrared spectroscopy. Configurations from 1 to 96 channels.  OxyMon transmits via temperature stabilized pulsed laser light sources and measures via cooled avalanche photo diodes with ambient light protection. EEG and MRI compatible probes and mounts available.

The main characteristics of this highly advanced research tool are:
  • Measures oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin concentration changes and optionally absolute concentrations and tissue saturation index.
  • Stable, versatile and highly sensitive
  • Various configurations, from 1 to 96 channels
  • Fast data collection at 50 Hz as standard - up to 250 Hz is possible!
  • No need to screen against ambient light
  • The light detector cannot be damaged by ambient light
  • Raw data (optical densities) easily accessible
  • Standard configuration with two wavelengths per channel, up to 6 wavelengths is possible
  • Data recording via PC using a free USB bus
  • Simultaneous capture of other (physiological) data
  • Compact, rugged, and portable device
  • Can be used in hostile environments such as high altitudes and the Antarctic
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Hyperscanning possibilities

Customized Hardware and Software Options

  • ArtinisOxymon.jpgNMR/MRI compatible
  • Customized options for Oxysoft
  • Tissue Saturation Index (TSI)
  • Arterial cerebral saturation measurement
  • Special optical configurations
  • Data input/output conversion box
  • Brain-computer interface (see YouTube for an example made by the Sint Maartenskliniek for the BrainGain project)
  • Brain mapping)
  • Multiple wavelength (to measure ICG)