MR Confon easy04 system (inc. one headphone set)

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Small footprint MR compatible audio solution helps participants cope with MRI-related acoustic noise and offers unidirectional communication between clinician and patient.

Easy04 offers the flexibility to choose from various headphone designs for optimal functioning in combination with most commonly employed headcoils.

– left/right MR safe headphones integrated into ear mufflers for passive gradient noise dampening, together with a complete set of MR safe cables, feed through, and filter/transformer-boxes.
– a TEMPUR foam cushion for optimal fixation of the patient's head and for further passive dampening.
– a matched audio amplifier for the headphones with an optical SPDIF-input and output, a programmable DSP, together with a serial cable and a power supply, certified for use in medical environments.
– a smart desktop microphone for communication between the MRI operator and the patient and for controlling some basic functions (i.e. volume, balance).

Additional information

Weight 20.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 20 in
Charges Status Bond