What are the computer requirements for ActiveTwo?

ActiveTwo is provided with drivers and host data acquisition software for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Note that certain applications, such as event-related potentials, often require a separate computer to run experimental control / stimulus delivery software. The requirement for a separate computer for stimulus delivery is more a function of the experimental control software needing full control of computer resources to do its job.

In brief, the computer requirements for the ActiView data acquisition software are:

  • Operating system:
    • Windows 10 / 11
    • MacOS 11 Big Sur, Monterey
    • Linux 64 bit or Linux X86 with library GNU-C V2.2.4 or later
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • Hard Drive: recommend 500 GB, but user should anticipate free space needed for data (file size in bytes is approximately = 3 X AD rate in Hz X number of channels X number of seconds recorded)
  • Display: 1440 X 900 or higher resolution display
  • One free USB port
    • SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT USB CHIPSETS: Small form factor computers without PCIe expansion slots should be avoided. The Intel W480 chipset found in many brands of small form factor desktop computer is not capable of keeping up with USB 2.0 High Speed data rates, which prevents operation in speed modes 2 and 3 for AD boxes that have high speed firmware installed. This is of particular importance in systems used in settings where ABR and cortical ERP will be measured concurrently or alternately. If you opt for a small form factor computer, be sure to use a computer that has at least one free PCIe expansion slot that you can add a PCIe expansion card with one or more USB 2.0 or higher ports.

Note: The ActiveTwo computer DOES NOT NEED A PARALLEL PORT.  A parallel port on the experimental control computer can be used to send stimuli to ActiveTwo, but we provide a USB virtual serial port trigger cable with every new system, so a parallel port is not needed for triggering.

In addition, the following are recommended for the ActiView computer:

  • Network interface and remote storage for data backups
  • Accessories such as KVMA switch box, extra monitor / keyboard / mouse, extension cables, etc to permit access to the EEG display from the separate room for the subject
Recommended arrangement of computers and cabling for ActiveTwo
Recommended arrangement of computers and cabling for ActiveTwo

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