How long do active electrodes last, and what is the process for repair if they get broken?

We expect the new reinforced ActiveTwo active electrodes to last 350-500 uses, based on our experience with the new product so far, and based on automated repeated-strain testing.

The way ActiveTwo electrode sets are built, they are not repairable by the end-user, but we can replace single electrodes for you. We can so this quickly (24 hours plus transit), efficiently, and at low cost (or free under warranty). Electrodes are warranted against material/manufacturing defects for one year, and we charge by the repair after that. We find that offering extended warranties motivates less careful handling, so we don’t offer extended warranties.

Follow the steps in this other FAQ to identify the problem before contacting us to ask about the procedure and the cost of a repair.

We do offer individual EXG pin-type electrodes that you can insert in the cap as substitutes for faulty ribbon cable leads. This would be a short term stop gap solution only. We strongly recommend having a backup set of electrodes on hand after a year or two so that if the first set needs repair, you can continue to run with the other set while the repair is undertaken. You would not need to buy the spare set right away — just budget to have it once the electrodes have had enough use that they may begin experiencing problems. 250-350 recordings is a good mark for when you should have a spare set of electrodes on hand.

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