● Biosemi

● ActiveTwo, ActiveTwo MEG, and ActiveRat

● Active electrodes

● Ultramodern design

● 8-256 channels

● Highly portable


● Artinis

● Brite, OctaMon, PortaMon, PortaLite, and Oxymon

● Wireless and wearable

● Infant to adult

● Designed for neuroscience

● Excellent spatial and temporal resolution

● Functional mapping and quantitative systems



● Cambridge Research Systems, Ltd.

● BOLDscreen UHD, LiveTrack AV, BOLDfonic, and more

● High-resolution LCD display

● Research-quality audio system

● Eye-tracking

● Response devices

Vision Science

● Cambridge Research Systems, Ltd. - a respected authority in vision science

● Display++ calibrated LCD touchscreen display

● LiveTrack Lightning - high-speed eye tracking

● State of the art, highly integrated systems

Cortech Solutions is the single resource for all the tools a neuroscientist needs for advanced brain research. We identify best-in-class solutions, work with the manufacturers to ensure compatibility, and offer the total solution with a single source for technical support. Leave the technical solutions to us...

You Concentrate on the science!


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Thanks for taking an interest in our schedule of events.  We have both workshops and conferences listed here. For the most part, registration for these events is handled outside our site, so you will find registration links in the event listings where appropriate.  Events marked (NA) are ones we would normally attend when held in North America, but will not attend this time due to the event location being outside our territory.  If you don't see an event that you would expect to be here, it may be because we have not yet published it.  Look for news about upcoming conferences about a month ahead of time.  Workshops are announced as soon as they are booked.

What's New?

Limited Stock of Etymotic Ear-Tips Available

We have a limited supply of single use ear-tips for ER-3A and ER-1 earphones available. Due to a supply interruption, we are not sure when we will be able to restock, so to the best of our knowledge, these are the last stock we will be able to supply on these. Place your order soon…

The PortaMon Muscular NIRS System to Be Replaced

The original PortaLite is no longer available, replaced by the PortaLite MkII, and the PortaMon is soon to follow.

EMSE Suite 6.4 Now Fully 64-Bit: Virtually Unlimited Addressable Memory for Larger Datasets

EMSE 6.4 is the current stable release of our flagship EEG and MEG signal processing and source estimation software platform.