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Cortech Solutions is the single resource for all the tools a neuroscientist needs for advanced brain research. We identify best-in-class solutions, work with the manufacturers to ensure compatibility, and offer the total solution with a single source for technical support. Leave the technical solutions to us...

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Thanks for taking an interest in our schedule of events.  We have both workshops and conferences listed here. For the most part, registration for these events is handled outside our site, so you will find registration links in the event listings where appropriate.  Events marked (NA) are ones we would normally attend when held in North America, but will not attend this time due to the event location being outside our territory.  If you don't see an event that you would expect to be here, it may be because we have not yet published it.  Look for news about upcoming conferences about a month ahead of time.  Workshops are announced as soon as they are booked.

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What's New?

New features and improvements now available in EMSE 5.6.1

A wide range of new features are available, from BDF+ support and Phase-Locking Angle (PLA) in time-frequency analysis, to heart-rate variability script commands, automarking of blinks/clean/heog and integration with FreeSurfer.

Continuing Human Neuroscience Research in the Era of SARS-COV-2

We’re Preparing for the New Normal in the Era of SARS-COV2 As I write, late Friday May 8, 2020, our office is still effectively closed, although we have been able to keep operations going with a skeleton crew of a couple of people. Like most of our customers and their institutions, most of our staff… Read more »

LiveTrack Lightning: High-Speed, High-Precision Eye-Tracking at a Fraction of the Cost

We are proud to introduce LiveTrack Lightning by Cambridge Research Systems, the affordable 500 Hz video eye tracker for laboratory research. Use it to record saccade metrics and gaze contingent displays. Monitor observer behavior and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments. Delivers accurate, precise estimates of: eye rotation direction of gaze coordinates… Read more »