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Cortech Neuromarketing News

Neuromarketing services offered

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Cortech Solutions, Inc. announces a new role as complete turnkey service provider, planning and administering high-quality behavioral and neurophysiological metrics.  The company has a wealth of experience and expertise from decades working with a broad spectrum of neuroscientists conducting state-of-the-art research and providing basic and advanced behavioral and neurophysiological metrics derived from EEG/ERP and other modalities.  Drawing on these capabilities, Cortech… Read more »

NeurOne EEG Systems

New MRI & TMS Compatible EEG: NeurOne

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MEGA’s NeurOne Tesla provides precise signal measurement with 24-bit AD conversion, precise temporal synchronization with the scanner clock enabled by Tesla’s 80 kHz sample rate and an optimal combination of the spatial information from fMRI with the abundant temporal information from EEG. NeurOne Tesla is innovative research system developed by Mega Electronics. This neuroscience measurement… Read more »