About EMSE

Software to measure, describe and visualize human brain dynamics.

Conventional neuroimaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can answer the where question with high spatial resolution, but the when question only with very low temporal resolution. Electroencephalography (EEG) and the closely allied Event-Related Potentials (ERP’s) can tell you when something happened with an accuracy of thousandths of a second, but isn’t very good at the where questions. The EMSE software combines MRI and EEG to answer both when and where in a way that neither method can answer alone. We call this process multimodal dynamic functional brain imaging or source estimation.

EMSE Modules

Our principal product is EMSE® Suite, a software toolkit consisting of 6 modules. The modules may be purchased separately, or as a bundle.

Learn About EMSE Modules

EMSE MR Viewer Module

Convenient 3D visualization for functional imaging result

Use VISUALIZER to obtain and view 3D rendered images, combining data from several modalities, including topographic mapping, MRI data and electromagnetic source analysis.


EMSE® Suite v5.5.2 Released

Probe in PPM The channel location information is now part of the PPM, as a filter, with the option to add a new probe. New Save Global Preferences Global preferences, i.e. lab preferences, can be saved separately for three types of files: continuous, average and Power Spectral Density. Custom channel position Selected channels can be… Read more »