ActiveTwo EEG / ERP System

Fast cap and electrode application

  • Highest fidelity active electrodes
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 10% system, equidistant and custom electrode layouts
  • Over 17 head cap sizes

Advanced hardware design

  • Up to 280 channels
  • Equivalent of 270 dB noise rejection
  • GSR, respiration, temperature, and many other sensors
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support

ActiView acquisition software

  • Robust open- source application for Windows and Mac
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Check electrode contacts during acquisition
  • Remote control from any stimulus software via trigger

Compact and portable design

  • 3 pounds / 7.5 inches
  • Run all day on one rechargeable battery
  • Operate from a laptop with a USB interface

Rugged and ready for travel

  • Robust noise resistance -- works anywhere
  • System design with minimal number of parts
  • Compact components
  • Rugged custom carrying case

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