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Postscript: Carolina Neurostimulation Conference 2018

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Carolina Neurostimulation Conference 2018

We were pleased to be able to sponsor and participate in the Carolina Neurostimulation Conference at UNC Chapel Hill from May 21-23 of this year. The program included a host of knowledgeable speakers on a wide range of topics related to TMS and other neurostimulation modalities. Our PowerMAG TMS stimulator line is a very flexible… Read more »

Cape Fear Economic Development Council, Inc.

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Cortech Solutions is a member and financial supporter of the Cape Fear Economic Development Council, Inc (CFEDC). CFEDC’s mission is to bring together industry, community leaders, and the public to foster collaboration, transparency, inspiration, and alignment around a shared regional vision. CFEDC’s vision is to foster a thriving community and destination that serves as an exceptional… Read more »

The Carousel Center

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Cortech Solutions is a regular financial supporter of the Carousel center in Wilmington, NC. The Carousel Center’s mission is two-fold. To meet the physical, emotional and psychological needs of children who have suffered physical or sexual abuse and to improve the community through child abuse education and prevention. The Carousel Center is committed to assisting victims… Read more »

The ERP Boot Camp

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The UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp is an NIH-funded 10-day summer workshop that is held each year at the UC-Davis Center for Mind & Brain. It includes lectures by several ERP experts, structured discussions, and individual consultations with experts. Cortech Solutions has contributed resources to help make the ERP Boot Camps successful and sustainable. ​ Boot Camp topics include:… Read more »

Cucalorus Film Festival

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We sponsor the Cucalorus Film Festival, which is held in Wilmington, but is by no means a local or regional event! Cucalorus takes place every November, celebrating independent and international film for five days in historic downtown Wilmington, NC. MovieMaker Magazine has recognized it as “One of the Coolest Film Festivals in the World” for three years… Read more »

Port City Robotics / Wired Wizards FIRST Robotics Team 4534

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The Wired Wizards FIRST robotics team is a group of high school students who build and program robots. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen to encourage change in our culture so that science is considered to be cool. FIRST created programs that allow children to get as close to real life engineering as possible outside of… Read more »

North Carolina Business Council

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North Carolina Business Council

Cortech Solutions is a Business/Organization Partner of the North Carolina Business Council (NCBC). NCBC advocates for North Carolina’s mission-driven business leaders who want a better place to live, work, operate a business and create jobs. NCBCs mission is to connect and empower business leaders to build a healthy, resilient economy that benefits all North Carolinians. NCBC… Read more »

Centre de Recherche en Neuropsychologie et Cognition (CERNEC) Annual Scientific Retreat

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Professors at the Department of Psychology at the University of Montreal (Nathalie Gosselin and Bruno Gauthier) organize this annual scientific Retreat of the Centre de Recherche en Neuropsychologie et Cognition (CERNEC). This group is based at the University of Montreal and consists of 51 scientists and more than 150 graduate students who work in the field of cognitive neurosciences,… Read more »

Postscript: Association for Research in Otolaryngology – 2018

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By: Dr. Mark Pflieger, Senior Scientist I attended the 41st Annual MidWinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO, February 10-14, 2018) in San Diego as a non-presenting participant with an intention to update my mental map of the field of human auditory neuroscience.  And it happened, thanks mostly to interactions in the… Read more »

LiveTrack Lightning: High-Speed, High-Precision Eye-Tracking at a Fraction of the Cost

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Livetrack Lightning eye-tracking setup with display and chinrest

We are proud to introduce LiveTrack Lightning by Cambridge Research Systems, the affordable 500 Hz video eye tracker for laboratory research. Use it to record saccade metrics and gaze contingent displays. Monitor observer behavior and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments. Delivers accurate, precise estimates of: eye rotation direction of gaze coordinates… Read more »

Brite24: Taking Wireless Cerebral fNIRs to New Heights

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Brite24 wireless wearable fNRIS

This Spring, Artinis will introduce a new wearable, wireless fNIRS system called Brite24, which measures, stores and wirelessly transmits up to 27 channels of fNIRS signals from any region of the scalp. Brite24 follows closely on the heels of the release last Spring of Brite23, which offered a similar channel configuration but had probes suited… Read more »

New: Innovative spectral tunable LED lighting system for vision research, color science, and more!

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We are pleased to announce that Cortech Solutions has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Thouslite of Changzhou City, China. Thouslite is a rapidly growing entrepreneurial company founded by color scientists to develop modern tools for vision research, color science, surface color assessment and a range of other applications. Cortech Solutions will marketing and… Read more »

Postscript: International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting 2018

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INS 2018 was a refreshing look at the tradition of neuropsychology and continued refinement of it’s tools sweetened with talks about exciting new developments in neuroscience and neuroimaging. This juxtaposition of tradition with innovation appeared to be designed to beckon neuropsychology practitioners to imagine a more audacious future for their discipline. I enjoyed meeting members… Read more »

Artinis surpasses all other NIRS manufacturers in number of publications!

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The ultimate success of a research product manufacturer is born out in large numbers of great publications by their customers. To see how they have been doing, Artinis systematically searched Google Scholar for publications using various NIRS products. A total of 46 NIRS devices from 16 different manufacturers were compared. Any publication with the term… Read more »