Postscript: Carolina Neurostimulation Conference 2018

Carolina Neurostimulation Conference 2018

We were pleased to be able to sponsor and participate in the Carolina Neurostimulation Conference at UNC Chapel Hill from May 21-23 of this year. The program included a host of knowledgeable speakers on a wide range of topics related to TMS and other neurostimulation modalities. Our PowerMAG TMS stimulator line is a very flexible…

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Soterix tES Integration with ActiveTwo & NeurOne

Soterix tDCs + Biosemi EEG Integration

We are pleased to announce our early cooperation with Soterix to deliver integrated EEG + tES systems to meet your most demanding research needs. Here are some of the many publications behind the development of the integrated Soterix + Biosemi solution: The Soterix products should appear on our website soon, but if you have questions…

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