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Cortech Expands Into New Technologies

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Cortech Solutions specializes in innovative solutions for brain research.  We identify best-in-class solutions, work with the manufacturers to ensure compatibility and offer the total package with a single source for technical support. Leave the technical solutions to us…you focus on the science!

Brain-Computer Interface and Neurofeedback Systems

Our ActiveTwo and NeurOne EEG systems are well-suited to closed loop neurofeedback and brain-computer interface research applications.  Both systems have the capacity to share live data at very short latency with your own algorithms running in MATLAB and other development environments.

EEG / ERP Systems for the Lab

We offer the leading research-grade EEG systems from multiple manufacturers.  The ActiveTwo system is known around the world as the leader in active electrode EEG recording systems, and the system is as comfortable in the lab as in a backpack for untethered recording with live data streaming.  The NeurOne Tesla EEG system is suited to EEG/ERP recording in the lab, but it is also designed for real-time feedback loop applications and for use in harsh environments.

EEG / ERP Systems for use with MRI and TMS

Surprised at how slowly MRI and TMS compatible systems have evolved?  So were we, until we discovered the NeurOne Tesla.  While other companies are still selling systems they developed in the last century using technology and components from a bygone era, MEGA developed a modern high-specification EEG / ERP system for use in the MRI scanner and with TMS.  High-resolution EEG no longer needs to imply “more electrodes than I know what to do with”.  With NeurOne Tesla, high-resolution means precise signal measurement with 24-bit AD conversion, precise temporal synchronization with the scanner clock enabled by Tesla’s 80 kHz sample rate and an optimal combination of the spatial information from fMRI with the abundant temporal information from EEG.

Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Systems (NIRS)

NIRS has grown in popularity because of its inherent compatibility with EEG and its ability to measure not just deoxyhemoglobin, like fMRI, but also total hemoglobin. Our OxyMon system is a flexible, research-grade system for continuous wave near-infrared spectroscopy in configurations from 1 to 96 channels.  OxyMon transmits via temperature stabilized pulsed laser light sources and measures via cooled avalanche photodiodes.  The system can sample at rates up to 250 Hz, and it comes with intuitive software for acquisition and analysis, which is lacking among other instruments in the field.

Small Animal EEG Systems

Combine the ActiveRat EEG system with our EEG Mini-Cap, and you have a new experimental platform for translational neuroscience, bridging the gap between rat and human measurements and enabling non-invasive multi-modal measurements that previously had been unavailable.  The cap is unique mostly because it is suited to completely non-invasive measurements in Wistar, but it also happens to be completely MRI compatible due to its unique design.  Measure high-density EEG or EEG+fMRI in waking animals non-invasively.