Cortech Welcomes EMSE and Dr. Mark Pflieger

WILMINGTON, N.C. (February 1, 2015) — Cortech Solutions, Inc. of  Wilmington, NC and Source Signal Imaging, Inc. of  La Mesa, CA announced today that Cortech Solutions has acquired substantially all of the assets of Source Signal Imaging, including the EMSE Suite multimodal neuroimaging software.  Also, Cortech Solutions has hired Source Signal Imaging’s former Senior Scientist, Dr. Mark Pflieger, who will take the same title within Cortech Solutions.

Lloyd Smith, President of Cortech Solutions, said, “I am very pleased to bring the EMSE Suite software on board and I look forward to working closely with Dr. Pflieger and our operations team to streamline operations related to software development, order fulfillment and customer support.”  He added, “The software has been an important part of our product portfolio in recent years in the US and Canada, and I am pleased to be able to help shape the future of the product.  With the acquisition of EMSE Suite, Cortech Solutions becomes a software developer as well as a worldwide exporter of advanced software.  Independent of the value EMSE adds to our portfolio, Dr. Pflieger is a huge asset to the company, and we enthusiastically welcome him as Senior Scientist.”

“My passion is to help brain labs integrate their experimental designs with theory-based computational methods,” said Dr. Pflieger, “and EMSE has been my principal medium.  I’m grateful to Dr. Richard Greenblatt for establishing the EMSE framework; to the NIH for funding various research tool innovations; and to labs worldwide for ongoing support of EMSE.  Now I’m really excited to begin a new chapter working with Lloyd and his team to develop seamless solutions to practical problems in neurophysiology research.”

Source Signal Imaging, whose operations will close down in February 2015, was the original developer of EMSE Suite, a Windows-based software toolkit for 4D multimodal functional brain imaging, including analysis, source estimation, image processing, and visualization. The software allows MEG/EEG and MRI/fMRI datasets from many vendors and standard formats to be combined to obtain results not available from independent analyses of the separate modalities. First introduced in 1996, and now used by neurophysiologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and clinical researchers worldwide, EMSE Suite has a modular architecture, rich feature set and moderate cost.

Cortech Solutions, Inc. is a provider of advanced tools for brain and heart research, delivering sales, system integration and support to scientists at leading institutions around the US and Canada.

To learn more about the EMSE Suite software visit the EMSE section of our site.

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