EMSE Scripting Engine Service

We are pleased to announce the EMSE Scripting Engine, new functionality built-into the latest release of EMSE Suite that allows us to configure fully automated analyses of your experimental EEG data.  Once custom configured according to your experimental design, this new functionality will provide maximum insight into data quality and preliminary results as data collection proceeds, and by the time the last participant has walked out the door, summary analysis can conceivably be complete.

The EMSE Scripting Engine Service:

  • Add-on service available to those with current EMSE licenses and support
  • We perform a no-cost review of your analysis requirements
  • We propose a plan for full or semi automation of analysis starting with raw data (e.g., BDF file) and ending with results
  • Proposed analysis results may include:
    • For each session:
      • Evaluation of data quality
      • Application of filter pipeline
      • Application of event pipeline for all experimental conditions of interest
      • Time, frequency, or time-frequency metrics
      • Related behavioral results: accuracy, RT, type I and type II errors
      • Within-session statistics and peak/area measures
      • Optional statistics in source space
      • EMSE workspace automatically generated for visual review
    • Multi-session comparisons for within-participant longitudinal studies
      • Statistics for replication (what didn’t change) versus detection of what did change
      • Combined multi-session workspace for review in EMSE
    • Group analysis
      • Multi-participant statistics in sensor space
      • Optional statistics in source space
      • Auto-generated multi-participant workspace for review in EMSE

Our EMSE Scripting Engine Service proposal for your unique application would include pricing for customization, deployment, and verification (acceptance testing).

For more information on EMSE Suite, visit the EMSE Micro Site.

For more information and a consultation on the EMSE Scripting Engine Service, visit the Request Info page and select the option “Request EMSE Scripting Engine consultation”.

EMSE Scripting Engine