EMSE Suite 6.4 Now Fully 64-Bit: Virtually Unlimited Addressable Memory for Larger Datasets

EMSE 6.4 is the current stable release of our flagship EEG and MEG signal processing and source estimation software platform. The conversion from 32-bit to 64-bit was a long and intensive process for our development team in LA Mesa, CA, and it sets the stage for bigger developments to come.

For EMSE users, this new 64-bit version of the software will mean virtually unlimited data file size and faster operation when working with datasets containing high bit depth (24-bit and 32-bit), large numbers of channels (128, 160, and 256), and ultra high sampling rates (e.g. Biosemi ActiveTwo Hyper-Sampling Edition at 262 kHz per channel and Bittium NeurOne at 80 kHz per channel).

In addition to this important milestone in EMSE development, a long list of new features have been implemented in EMSE and existing features have been refined to further improve performance. Here is a short list of some of the latest additions and improvements now available in EMSE 6.4:

  • Improved ASCII/binary import
  • Improved Batch > Peak & Area measures with support for large workspaces
  • Improved FIR/IIR transfer function visualization
  • Improved ECoG custom probe handling
  • Improved saving to EGI segmented simple binary with events
  • Improved handling of Polymate DAT24 format
  • Improved handling of sparse matrix with LORETA (classic)
  • Pulse artifact rejection filter can now be applied to passthrough channels
  • Improved copy/paste functionality for filter pipelines
  • Add frequency band ratio map definitions (e.g., theta/beta)
  • Improved reading of Nihon Kohden events
  • New middle layer commands to facilitate automation
  • Frequency domain peak detection
  • Surf2Surf: convex hull using shrink wrap
  • Vol2Vol: Merge mode; extract labeled points; affine labeled points normalization
  • Improve histogram display in MR View

In case you have not kept up to date with EMSE improvements, here is a short list of improvements from EMSE 5.60 to 5.61, all of which are also incorporated in the new EMSE 6.4:

  • Conversion of MATLAB exported data to EMSE binary format (MatExport2Bin)
  • Export of GSR data to Ledalab Text Type 1 format (SaveAsLedalab)
  • Polymate: Reconciliation of autoscaling and absolute scaling for various channels
  • Support for BDF+ format (24-bit EDF+ with annotations)
  • 2D mapping of coherence links, also including links for:
    • Cross-spectral density
    • Imaginary part of coherency
    • Imaginary part of cross-spectral density
  • Imaginary part of coherency (normalized) and imaginary part of cross-spectral density
  • Coherence export to Excel with one worksheet per “coherence reference”
  • SaveAs2 batch script command for large continuous files with an IIR filter in the pipeline
  • Batch script commands for integration with FreeSurfer cortical and BEM surfaces
  • AppendFilter batch script command
  • Use an .aux file to rename channels at the level of raw data (without altering the
    original data)
  • PLA = Phase-Locking Angle in time-frequency analysis
  • User-defined sets of frequency bands for topographic mapping with IFCN and IPEG definitions
  • Automatic marking of EEG outliers using the Outliers from Good Data (OFGD) method
  • AutoMark Blink, Clean, and HEOG intervals for OAC Spatial Filter
  • Event Overlay with AddResponses mode (adds behavioral responses to events)
  • Align and merge LiveTrack eye tracking data with EEG (SynchTimeSeries command)
  • IBI, HR, and logHR (log heart rate) channels derived from ECG R-R peak intervals (HRV
  • Export Excel XLSX format:
    • XLSX result generated by Utilities | Customize peak output
    • Average time series for a specified time range
    • Power spectral density for a specified frequency range
    • Time-frequency for specified time and frequency ranges (one sheet per channel)
  • SaveAsExcel batch script command for average time series and power spectral density.
  • Ricoh MEG support
  • Restored user interface for Epilepsy ASPIRE.

Now is a great time to upgrade to EMSE 6.4!

EMSE Suite Version 6.4