EMSE® Suite v5.5.2 Released

Probe in PPM

  • The channel location information is now part of the PPM, as a filter, with the option to add a new probe.

New Save Global Preferences

  • Global preferences, i.e. lab preferences, can be saved separately for three types of files: continuous, average and Power Spectral Density.

Custom channel position

  • Selected channels can be displayed at specified locations on the custom sensor position display window. The channels and their (x,y) coordinates are specified in a file.

Wavelet time series export

  • Power vs. time EMSE export files of all wavelet components within a specified frequency range make the features of Peak and Area Measures available to time-frequency analysis results and the reports suitable for statistical analysis by other software packages.

Evenly spaced events

  • Events can be inserted, evenly spaced by time delta-T, within a specified interval (i.e., from a start latency to an end latency) or the whole file. This feature is useful for statistical comparison of two time intervals, e.g., condition A vs. condition B.

Spatial component analysis (PCA/ICA) with variable duration segments

  • A PCA/ICA filter can be created on segments with the same name but different time durations. This feature is useful for spatial component analysis of a collection of marked intervals (e.g., of the same condition).

Pan in Zoom

  • The Pan in Zoom feature is available in the Sensor position and Custom position display modes.
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