NIS Measure Force and Pressure in MRI

Introducing NIS MRI Force and Motion Measurement Systems

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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Neuroimaging Solutions to bring to our US and Canada customers world-class solutions for measuring force and movement in the MRI environment.  The NIS line of solutions incorporates the most advanced features and capabilities for research applications.


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For technical reasons, measuring movement during functional magnetic resonance imaging can be challenging.  NIS addresses this challenge by producing world-class fiber optic force transducers coupled with a complete data acquisition solution for measuring forces produced inside the MRI scanning environment.




Here are some important details:

  • All fiber optic sensors are hand-crafted using state-of-the-art fiber bragg grating technology
  • Calibrated and linear in range
  • Sensors are available in 700N, 150N, 50N, and 1N range
  • Precisely measure isometric force contractions inside and outside of the MRI and MEG environment
  • No interference on MRI and MEG signals
  • Rugged housings protect and temperature insulate each sensor
  • Upper and lower limb applications

Customers are already raving about the timely support and quality product, opening several possibilities for research into sensorimotor control.  Precise measurement of force is just not available anywhere else using MRI compatible sensors.