Introducing PowerMAG TMS

PowerMAG SystemsCortech Solutions announces representation of Mag & More and their PowerMAG Research line of transcranial magnetic stimulators in the US and Canada.  PowerMAG incorporates the most advanced features and capabilities for research applications.

Developed and manufactured in Germany by Mag & More, the PowerMAG Research line of transcranial magnetic stimulators incorporates the most advanced features and capabilities for research applications.

  • Faster, more compact, more powerful, more flexible
  • Widest range of protocols in a single device
  • Innovative coil designs for special applications
  • Neuronavigation option – inexpensive and easy to use
  • EEG compatible — special features competitors cannot offer
  • MRI conditional option by special arrangement

Several Powerful Stimulator Models To Choose From

PowerMAG EEG 30

A TMS stimulator built using innovative hardware solutions which allow it to be connected to EEG amplifiers and continuous EEG to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts. Like every PowerMAG stimulator, PowerMAG EEG 30 makes no compromises on the maximal intensity (100% output) in the frequency range of up to 30 Hz.

PowerMAG EEG 100

Specially developed for the high-end research user. Powerful high-frequency TMS (including Theta Burst Stimulation) as well as high-precise single pulse and paired pulse protocols are available in one standalone device. Furthermore, all technical features of the PowerMAG EEG 30 are included.

PowerMAG EEG 100 ppTMS

In general ppTMS protocols usually require two stimulators connected to one coil. The PowerMAG EEG 100 ppTMS is a stand-alone rTMS device to allow various ppTMS protocols and therapeutic rTMS protocols within one machine by using actively recharging between conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2).


All of the features of the above plus the new Quattro Pulse Mode – Full-Sine with ISI >/= 1ms, IPI >/= 50ms.

PowerMAG Features


  • Full power output (100% intensity) up to 30Hz with all stimulators
  • No decreasing of pulse power during stimulation
  • Very short pulse length (160μs full wave)
  • Pulse shape: Half wave and full wave positive and negative
  • Pulse modes: Single Pulse, Double Pulses (ppTMS devices), rTMS, TBS (100Hz devices), Trains, Ramps, Ramp Trains, custom made protocols
  • User defined shape, orientation, intensity for every single pulse
  • Current direction in the coil invertible on the equipment

Control and Interfaces

  • Full external controllability with analogue, digital and trigger interface
  • Operation via front panel, BNC Trigger, or PC (USB)
  • Trigger in and Trigger out
  • High speed sync out interface (research model only)
  • Stable trigger!
  • For use with all MAG & More coils
  • All coils are prepared for Neuronavigation

PowerMAG EEG SystemDesigned for Online EEG & TMS

  • Clean EEG after 5ms
  • No late coil recharge artifacts
  • Optimized leakage currents
  • No mains noise

Stimulation Coils

  • Delays overheating of the stimulation coils without reducing the efficiency of rTMS
  • Slim coil design with flexible supply cable for easy handling
  • Smallest focal coil worldwide (precision coil)
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