Introducing the New APEX 24 or 32 Channel EEG

The recently released TMSi APEX is a 24 or 32 channel EEG at 1 kHz, with a 4-bit trigger in. It uses the same active shielding technology as the SAGA, eliminating motion artifacts and interference from outside sources. The device is highly compact and portable, roughly the size of a cell phone. The APEX is compatible with all the same EEG accessories as the SAGA, including the Infinity head caps, water-based head caps, TMS compatible head caps, and electrodes for ear EEG (cEEGrids). Additionally, the system can be directly integrated with the Artinis fNIRS devices via ring or pin electrodes, with both the fNIRS and EEG systems recording into the same software. The APEX is an excellent choice for a researcher needing a highly portable system with research-grade data quality, all at an accessible price point.

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