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If you own or use a product that we sell or support and you have corresponded with us by e-mail in the past, then chances are you already have an account. In that case, your user name will be your e-mail address, and you can use the "Lost your password?" link to retrieve the password. If you do not yet have an account on our system, then visit the REQUEST INFO link above to let us know what you are interested in. This will NOT create a user account, but it will initiate a dialog with our sales department that may result in us sending you a proposal for items in which you express an interest. Only after you have established an account and purchased an item from us will you qualify for an account on the website. Customers with established accounts can view pricing, request quotations and place orders by navigating to the lowest node of any product category and finding a specific item for which you want pricing. If you are logged in, pricing will be visible. You can also place items in your cart and request a quotation or place an order to be paid by CC or instituonal purchase order. Note that you should be prepared to provide a copy of the official PO with PO number, shipping address and billing address. If your institution requires that a purchase order be issued before our invoice can be paid, please do not place an order without providing us a copy of the official signed PO. If you will pay by credit card, you can select the option to pay by CC upon shipment so that you are not charged immediately if the goods are not immediately available.