New Brite Frontal fNIRS System

Introducing the Brite Frontal, a version of the Brite optimized especially for measurements of the prefrontal cortex. The Brite Frontal retains many of the new features of the new Brite MkIII, including multi-gain power control, ambient light correction, improved optical density range, 24 bit data, a more stable bluetooth protocol, and increased battery life. This version, however, has a fixed optode template with 30 mm interoptode distances, and two optional short separation channels. The fixed optode template and interoptode distances mean extremely high repeatability between subjects. The Brite Frontal is also able to come in at a much lower price point than the standard Brite MkIII, improving accessibility to the powerful Brite fNIRS family.

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Brite Frontal Wearable fNIRS System