New Brite MkIII Wearable and Wireless fNIRS System

We are happy to announce the new Brite MkIII, the latest generation of the flagship portable fNIRS system from Artinis Medical Systems. The Brite is a powerful fNIRS system with a small footprint – it weighs less than 300 grams including the head cap, and is small enough that the entire system is on the head cap itself. The MkIII has multi-power gain control, which can optimize the power going to each optode based on the conditions the system is seeing in real-time. This improves the recording of brain activity across a wide range of ages, skin colors, scalp areas, hair types and optode distances. It allows you to select different optode templates to fit the type of research you’re doing, optimizing the fitment of sensors over your areas of interest. The system also allows flexible interoptode distances from 10 to 55 mm, which in turn allows you to customize the depth of penetration each source-detector pair provides. The system also has ambient light correction, ability to measure a wider range of optical densities (0.01 to 8.00), 24 bit data, a more stable bluetooth protocol, and improved battery life. With all of these improvements, the Brite MkIII is a more powerful research tool than ever before.

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Brite MkIII Wireless fNIRS System