New More Durable Electrodes for Biosemi ActiveTwo

All new electrode sets delivered for about the last year have had a red rubber strain relief at the wire electrode junction.  We are pleased to say that we have not had a single set of electrodes returned for repair of a broken wire in that time.  In general, the useful life of the Biosemi pin-type electrodes has been estimated at 200 uses, but with careful handling we have seen them last over 500 uses.

Of course, there are always cases of less careful handling or more extreme environments / applications that can result in earlier breakage.  In general, we would expect to see at least a few of those most extreme uses cases resulting in the need for repair.  We are pleased to see that even in these more extreme cases, the rubber stain relief is working as hoped — it reduces the sideways strain on the wire at the point where it enters the electrode, thereby reducing failure of the wire inside.

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Reinforced Pin-Type Active Electrode Closeup