ActiveThree EEG System

BioSemi ActiveThree: Now Shipping!

June 4, 2024

The world’s first and most advanced active electrode EEG system breaks new ground, again. BioSemi introduces the ActiveThree biopotential measurement system for scientific research in the field of electrophysiology. The new system is the third iteration of the successful line of BioSemi active electrode biopotential measurement systems. In this summary, we explain the reasons for…

EMSE Suite Version 6.4

EMSE Suite 6.4 Now Fully 64-Bit: Virtually Unlimited Addressable Memory for Larger Datasets

January 3, 2023

EMSE 6.4 is the current stable release of our flagship EEG and MEG signal processing and source estimation software platform.

BabyBrite fNIRS Sized for Developing Heads

New BabyBrite: fNIRS Sized for Infant and Child Measurements

December 30, 2022

We are pleased to announce the BabyBrite, the first fNIRS device designed specifically for use in early childhood developmental research!

Brite MkIII Wireless fNIRS System

New Brite MkIII Wearable and Wireless fNIRS System

December 2, 2022

We are happy to announce the new Brite MkIII, the latest generation of the flagship portable fNIRS system from Artinis Medical Systems.

Introducing the New APEX 24 or 32 Channel EEG

December 1, 2022

The recently released TMSi APEX is a 24 or 32 channel EEG at 1 kHz, with a 4-bit trigger in. It uses the same active shielding technology as the SAGA!

Introducing the New PortaLite MkII

November 6, 2022

We are happy to announce the release of a new NIRS system capable of measurements of either muscular or brain tissue – the PortaLite MkII!

SAGA – 32, 64 or 128 channel EEG or HD-EMG

August 4, 2022

TMSi’s flagship system, the SAGA, is a 32, 64, or 128 channel amplifier for EEG or EMG at up to 4 kHz. It’s compatible with NIRS, TMS, tDCS, and offers flexibility in many other ways as well!

The New BOLDscreen 32 UHD

May 17, 2022

Introducing the all new BOLDscreen UHD, redesigned inside and out!

Livetrack Lightning eye-tracking setup with display and chinrest

LiveTrack Lightning: High-Speed, High-Precision Eye-Tracking at a Fraction of the Cost

February 25, 2018

We are proud to introduce LiveTrack Lightning by Cambridge Research Systems, the affordable 500 Hz video eye tracker for laboratory research. Use it to record saccade metrics and gaze contingent displays. Monitor observer behavior and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments. Delivers accurate, precise estimates of: eye rotation direction of gaze coordinates…


Artinis surpasses all other NIRS manufacturers in number of publications!

October 19, 2017

The ultimate success of a research product manufacturer is born out in large numbers of great publications by their customers. To see how they have been doing, Artinis systematically searched Google Scholar for publications using various NIRS products. A total of 46 NIRS devices from 16 different manufacturers were compared. Any publication with the term…