EMSE Manuals, Flash Drive and Key

New features and improvements now available in EMSE 5.6.1

By Cortech Admin | June 28, 2021

A wide range of new features are available, from BDF+ support and Phase-Locking Angle (PLA) in time-frequency analysis, to heart-rate variability script commands, automarking of blinks/clean/heog and integration with FreeSurfer.

Continuing Human Neuroscience Research in the Era of SARS-COV-2

By Cortech Admin | May 8, 2020

We’re Preparing for the New Normal in the Era of SARS-COV2 As I write, late Friday May 8, 2020, our office is still effectively closed, although we have been able to keep operations going with a skeleton crew of a couple of people. Like most of our customers and their institutions, most of our staff… Read more »

Livetrack Lightning eye-tracking setup with display and chinrest

LiveTrack Lightning: High-Speed, High-Precision Eye-Tracking at a Fraction of the Cost

By Cortech Admin | February 25, 2018

We are proud to introduce LiveTrack Lightning by Cambridge Research Systems, the affordable 500 Hz video eye tracker for laboratory research. Use it to record saccade metrics and gaze contingent displays. Monitor observer behavior and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments. Delivers accurate, precise estimates of: eye rotation direction of gaze coordinates… Read more »

Brite24 wireless wearable fNRIS

Brite24: Taking Wireless Cerebral fNIRs to New Heights

By Cortech Admin | February 24, 2018

This Spring, Artinis will introduce a new wearable, wireless fNIRS system called Brite24, which measures, stores and wirelessly transmits up to 27 channels of fNIRS signals from any region of the scalp. Brite24 follows closely on the heels of the release last Spring of Brite23, which offered a similar channel configuration but had probes suited… Read more »

New: Innovative spectral tunable LED lighting system for vision research, color science, and more!

By Cortech Admin | February 23, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Cortech Solutions has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Thouslite of Changzhou City, China. Thouslite is a rapidly growing entrepreneurial company founded by color scientists to develop modern tools for vision research, color science, surface color assessment and a range of other applications. Cortech Solutions will marketing and… Read more »

Postscript: International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting 2018

By Cortech Admin | February 19, 2018

INS 2018 was a refreshing look at the tradition of neuropsychology and continued refinement of it’s tools sweetened with talks about exciting new developments in neuroscience and neuroimaging. This juxtaposition of tradition with innovation appeared to be designed to beckon neuropsychology practitioners to imagine a more audacious future for their discipline. I enjoyed meeting members… Read more »


Artinis surpasses all other NIRS manufacturers in number of publications!

By Cortech Admin | October 19, 2017

The ultimate success of a research product manufacturer is born out in large numbers of great publications by their customers. To see how they have been doing, Artinis systematically searched Google Scholar for publications using various NIRS products. A total of 46 NIRS devices from 16 different manufacturers were compared. Any publication with the term… Read more »

Brite23 Wearable NIRS System

Brite23 – fast, lighweight, wireless NIRS

By Lloyd Smith | June 25, 2017

Brite23 is a lightweight, user-friendly, plug-and-play device with no set-up time.  It works with multichannel LED’s, giving you continuous and real-time feedback in our Oxysoft data analysis software that is delivered with the system. Initially the Brite was developed to measure the effect of cognitive interventions using portable and user-friendly fNIRS. With the Brite23 we… Read more »


New OxyMon Integrated NIRS + EEG Systems

By Lloyd Smith | June 25, 2017

Measure simultaneously electrical potentials in brain tissue and changes in brain tissue oxygenation and blood volume with the new EEG + NIRS package from Artinis. The combination of EEG and NIRS offers complementary information about brain function, giving you the ability to measure both neural and hemodynamic activity simultaneously. Our new NIRS-EEG packages are ideal… Read more »

Reinforced Pin-Type Active Electrode Closeup

New More Durable Electrodes for Biosemi ActiveTwo

By Lloyd Smith | September 19, 2016

All new electrode sets delivered for about the last year have had a red rubber strain relief at the wire electrode junction.  We are pleased to say that we have not had a single set of electrodes returned for repair of a broken wire in that time.  In general, the useful life of the Biosemi… Read more »