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Cortech Solutions is a Business/Organization Partner of the North Carolina Business Council (NCBC). NCBC advocates for North Carolina’s mission-driven business leaders who want a better place to live, work, operate a business and create jobs. NCBCs mission is to connect and empower business leaders to build a healthy, resilient economy that benefits all North Carolinians. NCBC believes that

  • Small businesses are the major driver of a healthy North Carolina economy.
  • Business leaders motivated by enlightened self-interest (doing well by doing good) act in the best interest of all North Carolinians.
  • Responsible economic development raises the standard of living of all North Carolinians.
  • Companies that are growing and creating jobs should lead the way in developing fair and balanced tax policy.
  • Good environmental policies enhance businesses at the forefront of job creation and attract desirable industries.
  • Investments in education and infrastructure will yield an innovative and prosperous citizenry.
  • Promoting North Carolina’s local products and services strengthens our economy, raises wages, and builds in-state wealth.
  • Clean energy and green building are economic development and job growth opportunities that improve health and quality of life for North Carolinians.
  • Business leaders have a social responsibility to improve the environment in which we live and work, thereby improving the health of citizens.

NCBC promises to help businesses raise their voices to state leaders about building a healthy RESILIENT ECONOMY, preserving and protecting the ENVIRONMENT, implementing practices that promote DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, encouraging bi-partisan efforts to ensure ELECTION INTEGRITY and support our FARM & AGRICULTURE industry.  Our partnership with NCBC helps them to research, educate and advocate throughout the state. Being a member of NCBC provides an opportunity to stand with the most forward thinking members of NC’s business community in helping shape the dialog about economic development. Business supporters are asked to think big, build bi-partisan relationships and offer practical, field-tested insights on what policies need to be put into place to create a sustainable economy.  We help NCBC amplify the inclusive, thoughtful and optimistic voice of business in NC.

We share the NCBC mission and values placing a premium on diversity and inclusion, environment, resilient economy, promoting local businesses and products, and economic justice for all; and we attest that these values are evidenced in our operations.

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