We have identified a range of audio and video accessories that can be useful for monitoring and recording as well as facilitating communication and delivering stimuli to experimental participants.  We also offer kits that incorporate these accessories into complete systems for your convenience.  Ask for more information on kits if you are not sure what you need.

The kit pictured here (CA-DV-SYAU) is assembled from components in this section of the site and solves all of the difficult problems of delivering calibrated audio through speakers and earphones while also maintaining two-way communication with the subject for safety and convenience.  The kit includes studio quality audio control center console with up to three separate output mixes (e.g. experimenter, participant, digital storage) and built-in push-to-talk mic, 100 watt per channel audio amplifier for participant audio (plenty of headroom for a typical lab environment), left and right studio quality monitors, powered stereo monitor speakers for experimenter, high-quality omnidirectional boundary mic for participant and all required cables (18 ft between experimenter and participant room). Provides an always-on communication channel for participant to experimenter for safety and convenience. Experimenter can press to speak to participant but the momentary switch ensures the mic is never left on accidentally. Superb audio quality to participant – suitable for everyday communication or auditory stimulation.