These conductive gels and pastes are formulated specifically for measurement of EEG from the scalp, but may be used to measure other biopotentials such as EOG, EMG, and even ECG.  Some of these products are gels and others are pastes.  Gels are generally dispensed into openings in an electrode cap or onto individual electrodes with a syringe. Pastes are normally scooped out of a container with the electrode itself, making them unsuitable for use with head-caps in which the electrodes are permanently affixed.  These electrolyte gels and conductive / adhesive pastes are formulated specifically to provide the lowest impedance path for faithful measurement of EEG from the scalp.  We offer several brands, each with its own unique attributes.  In general, the manufacturer of the EEG / ERP system or electrodes / cap you use will recommend a specific brand of electrolyte, but we may be able to recommend alternates with similar properties.

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