Syringes are convient for dispensing electrolyte gel into head-cap electrodes or onto the surface of individual electrodes.  There are two general types of syringes: 1) Luek-Lok and 2) Monoject (one-piece with integrated plastic dispenser tip).  Note that the blunt dispenser tips (blunt needles) for the Luer-Lok syringes are sold separately. The tip of the Monoject syringe has a graduated diameter, so it works with most electrodes except those with the smallest diameter opening.  The Luer-Lok syringe tips are available in different diameters (gauges).  Be aware that the tip opening in the Monoject is comparable to that in the 16 gauge Luer-Lok blunt needle, and viscous gels and pastes may require significant plunger pressure (accordingly – hand strength) to dispense.  We generally find that SignaGel and Lectron III Chloride 10 gel work fine with Monoject syringes or LuerLok syringes with 16 gauge or larger blunt needles.