Advanced research requires the latest technology, so expect only the most advanced and unique solutions from us.  We have combed the globe to find the best solutions for a wide range of biosignal acquisition applications.  Need a system with more channels than typical, more bandwidth, more sensor options, faster application, higher signal quality, greater portability or some other distinguishing feature?  We have best-in-class solutions for just about any application imaginable.  Every solution we offer is research-grade, meaning it has a great deal of flexibility built-in, so to the degree possible, the capabilities of the device itself will never limit your research options.  We don’t sell your standard run-of-the mill diagnostic EEG / EP / EMG / ECG systems.  Every biopotential measurement system we sell is designed and independently certified to be safe for use with human subjects, but not all of our products are FDA approved for diagnostic use.  If you will be engaged in medical diagnosis in addition to research, be sure to indicate if you require a device that is approved for diagnostic use.