ActiveTwo: A powerful high-resolution biosignal acquisition system with active electrodes

ActiveTwo is a powerful high-resolution biosignal acquisition system that incorporates some revolutionary concepts. Active electrode technology is just one of the significant innovations in the ActiveTwo system. By placing active electronics within millimeters of the actual electrode contact, ActiveTwo virtually eliminates the need to prepare the scalp before applying electrodes. This can cut measurement preparation time by an estimated 15 -30 minutes for most laboratories!

ActiveTwo can also be equipped with additional sensors for respiration, skin conductance, temperature, plethysmograph (pulse) and other parameters. An optional isolated analog input box makes it possible to acquire almost any type of signal synchronously with the signals sampled by the ActiveTwo A/D box.

As an added benefit, ActiveTwo comes with powerful data acquisition software developed in National Instruments’ LabView. We provide the compiled software so you do not need to own LabView, and you do not need to be a programmer to operate the system. For those laboratories with programming resources, the source code is provided so that you can add any special features that you may need.

Each ActiveTwo system is built upon a basic set of items known as the Base System.

ActiveTwo Base Components (part of every new system)

  • A/D interface box with no amplifier/converter modules (no channels installed)
  • USB 2.0 interface box with USB 2.0 cable
  • Rechargeable battery unit – 2 each
  • Battery charger with A/C adapter
  • ActiView Data Acquisition Software

Typical Additional Components

  • Amplifier/Converter modules – add up to 32 8-channel modules per A/D interface box
  • Multichannel active electrode sets are available with a variety of labeling schemes
  • Head Caps – Multiple sizes are needed to cover a range of head sizes
  • Flat-type active electrodes with individual leads and touch-proof connectors for EEG reference, EOG, EKG, and surface EMG
  • CMS/DRL electrodes serve as the common for every biopotential measurement, and for EEG measurements with the cap, you will need one set of pin-type CMS/DRL electrodes

Other Optional Components