These are reusable “Sintered Silver-Silver Chloride Electrodes” (Ag-AgCl matrix).

Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCl) Electrodes are known for their low offset voltage, low noise and stability. Resusable and non-toxic, the electrodes can be cold sterilized and used indefinitely with minimal care.  These electrodes may be used in EEG, ECG, EMG, ENG, EOG GSR and Evoked Potentials applications.

These electrodes are manufactured through a proprietary process using the highest purity chemicals that results in a fine grain homogeneous mixture, no fillers or binders are used- only pure silver-silver chloride. The electrodes are then compressed into a 1mm thick sensor and “sintered” (heat treated) for strength and stability. Standard lead wires are PVC insulated multi-strand copper with internal Tinsel for additional strength. The result is a versatile and durable, waterproof assembly that is reusable and resurfacable.  They are easily reshaped by drilling, cutting or sanding.

Electrodes are 1mm thick and encapsulated in durable epoxy housings. Our electrodes come with 1m or 1.5m PVC insulated lead wires, terminated with a 1.5 DIN safety socket.  Performance is significantly superior to gold and silver cup electrodes.

  • Essentially non-polarizable
  • Resuable-Resurfacable
  • Sintered
  • Never need chloriding

Unlike plated or chlorided Silver, these Ag-AgCl electrodes are homogeneous and solid throughout.  Should the surface become damaged or contaminated, a new surface can be exposed to restore the electrode’s original performance.

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