LiveTrack AV for fMRI is an affordable video eye tracking system which provides real-time estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size. A live video stream from the eye tracking camera is available concurrently with the data so you can visually monitor and check your observer’s behaviour throughout the experiment.

LiveTrack AV for fMRI is a complete video eye tracking system for fMRI.

  • Ideal for monitoring fixation at 3T
  • Creates no scan artifacts from 1.5T up to 9.4T
  • Is available for monocular and binocular eye tracking
  • Offers real-time estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size
  • Has an extremely fast setup time – cameras with an integrated IR illumination source are mounted directly on the head coil close to the eye
  • Designed to work with BOLDscreen MR Safe LCD displays and rear-projection systems
  • Includes TTL-compatible trigger input port for data synchronization
  • Features dedicated eye tracking hardware with USB output that makes integration with your software very easy. Works with Presentation, ePrime, MATLAB, Python and your own custom software
  • Streams real-time video feed that allows you to monitor the participant
  • Is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
  • Very fast setup with robust tracking results from close-to-the eye imaging

Keeping the camera close to the eye makes it much easier to align and focus the image. Unlike other vendor’s remote camera configurations, our approach provides fast setup and calibration, robust and reliable data with all participants. Simply point the LiveTrack AV camera at the eye, adjust the focus if needed and start recording.

Our MR Safe cameras have an integrated infrared 950nm illumination source. They give the best data when they are positioned behind a dielectric “cold” mirror. Cold mirrors are special optical components that are coated with a dichroic filter that reflects visible light while transmitting infrared wavelengths.

This allows the cameras to be optimally aligned in direct sight of the participant’s eyes, but at the same time hidden behind the mirror outside the participant’s view. The cameras can unobtrusively image each eye using infrared 950nm light through the mirror.

The participant sees the visible light image reflected from the cold mirror, and can therefore view a stimulus display placed outside the magnet bore. Our BOLDscreen MR Safe LCD displays are ideal for this purpose: they can be placed right at the opening of the bore, to give maximum field of view.