Brite Lite Frontal

     A cutting-edge system for prefrontal measurements

BLF Cropped

The Brite Lite Frontal, the successor to the OctaMon, comes with improved ambient light correction and multi-power gain control, like the top-of-the-line Brite MkIII. This enables measuring fNIRS in multicultural subjects, with different hair types and skin colors. Headbands come in different sizes and can be adjusted, allowing measurements from both adults and children.

The device comes with a dedicated headband that covers the prefrontal area, is comfortable to wear, and guarantees a short set-up time. Optodes and optode templates are specifically designed to measure on the forehead, making the Brite Lite Frontal the perfect solution for those doing research into executive functioning, personality, memory, visual search and gaze control, or any other function of the prefrontal cortex.

Brite Family Upgrades

It's now possible to upgrade any lower-channel count Brite up to their more powerful family members!