The PortaMon is a wireless wearable NIRS system, designed specifically for measurements of muscle tissue. The system measures the tissue saturation of the investigated muscle. We call this ’tissue saturation index’ (TSI), an indication of the absolute level of oxygenation in a given tissue. In addition to TSI, the system also measures oxygenation changes in terms of oxy-hemoglobin, deoxy-hemoglobin, and total hemoglobin, which are indications of blood volume in the muscle.

The PortaMon’s small size and flexibility make it a great stand alone system (up to 7 simultaneously), or a great addition to another of our NIRS systems. Data can be streamed directly to a host computer, or it can be configured to take readings directly to onboard memory.

Typical applications of the PortaMon are found in sports science, training evaluation, rehabilitation medicine, high-altitude research, compartment syndrome, occupational health, and peripheral vascular disease.