NIRS EEG optode

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The combination of EEG and NIRS offers complementary information about brain function, giving you the ability to measure both neural and hemodynamic activity simultaneously. Our new NIRS-EEG packages are ideal for multimodal research; we provide full head coverage and all data is integrated and synchronized within our proprietary recording software, OxySoft. This enables you to conveniently measure EEG and NIRS with automatic event synchronization. OxySoft is able to analyze your data or export it to a wide variety of toolboxes (e.g. HOMER2, NIRS-SPM). We can even provide setups for mobile NIRS-EEG, opening up the possibility to measure NIRS-EEG while the subject is moving freely. Our unique optode and electrode holders can measure both NIRS and EEG on the same spot.

  • Combined EEG/NIRS head cap
  • Fully wearable systems
  • No interference with the EEG signal
  • Combine the Brite, OctaMon+, or OxyMon with an EEG system
  • Superior EEG and NIRS data quality

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