Oxysoft is Artinis’ proprietary NIRS recording and analysis software. Oxysoft allows robust recordings even of multiple devices at the same time, in any thinkable combination. This means, you can combine recordings from several Oxymons, Portamons, Portalites and Octamons within one measurement by using just one program. All data is synchronised and stored in one datafile. You can analyse your data in realtime, during the recording, or also afterwards.

  • Real time calculation of oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobine and tissue saturation index (TSI)
  • Displays easy to understand 2D and 3D plots
  • Supports simultaneous recordings of multiple devices
  • Records and generates events from a wide range of sources
  • All standard analysis techniques can be applied in realtime or posthoc
  • Compatible with HOMER2, NIRS-SPM, FieldTrip, Polhemus and many more
  • Exports raw data in various formats

Data from Oxysoft can be analysed in a variety of ways. First, you can analyse data from within Oxysoft. Oxysoft offers a variety of standard analysis techniques, such as filtering, averaging and statistical analysis. Second, all data can also be exported to standard data formats, such as csv, txt or xls file format. Third, we provide a MATLAB script, which allows importing your data obtained from Oxysoft directly into several MATLAB toolboxes such as Homer2, NIRS-SPM or FieldTrip. The script also allows importing the raw data, so that you are free to do any preferred analysis from within MATLAB.

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