We offer a variety of manual response pads that are compatible with both SuperLab, Presentation, and a variety of other commercial/freeware stimulus delivery software programs.  These response boxes use a state of the art, low-power microcontroller to detect button presses, encode them, and send them to the serial port.  Switch debouncing is performed by the microcontroller, guarenteeing that each button-press produces only one signal.  .  SV-1 is the device designed specifically for experiments requiring a vocal response.  SV-1 monitors the participant’s voice level at all times , and when the level rises above a user-specified threshold it reports this to the computer.  The first such device to be developed for over a decade, SV-1 also packs some advanced features.  Cambridge Research Systems, Ltd. also offers two different response pads for subject feedback that are especially useful in vision science research.  Both designs are compact and supported by the CRS Toolbox for MATLAB.