This voice response device facilitates precise measurement of vocal reaction time.  SV-1 is a device designed specifically for experiments requiring a vocal response. SV-1 monitors the participant’s voice level at all times, and when the level rises above a user-specified threshold, it reports this to the computer.  The first such device to be developed for over a decade, SV-1 packs some advanced features.

  • Built-In Timer – For example, at the onset of a trial, the computer can reset the timer in SV-1.  When SV-1 detects a voice key, it informs the computer and reports the participant’s reaction time with a guarenteed accuracy of 1 millisecond.
  • Advanced Technology – SV-1 is powered by an 18 MHz microprocessor and is a 100% digital device.  It uses Cedrus’ XID technology which is fully documented.
  • Controls Lock – Thanks to its digital design, after adjusting the dials to the correct levels you can use the computer to “lock” them.  This makes them inefective and prevents accidental tampering.
  • Serial and Parallel Ports – SV-1 offers both a serial and a parallel port for maximum connectivity.  USB support can be added via an inexpensive USB-serial port adapter.
  • Flexible Accessory Connector – The built-in connector provides six lines of I/O (input/output).  Each line can individually be configured as either input or output.

SV-1 comes with a microphone headset and a one  year full warranty which covers all parts and labor.  yes, a battery is included.

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