Lumina Response pads that just workLumina is an fMRI-compatible response device that can be used in a variety of MRI scanners and with a variety of different simulation programs.

Reliable, Accurate, and Safe

Lumina is a quality-built patient response system (also called button response unit, or BRU) designed for use in an MRI environment. It meets the requirements of both the clinical and research communities.

For maximum patient safety, the response pads are built with 100% plastic and fiber optics, eliminating all risk to patients and all interference with or from the magnet.

Stimulus Types

Lumina’s sturdy and fast controller captures patients’ button presses and the triggers generated by MR scanners, time-stamps them with a millisecond accuracy, and converts them into simultaneous USB port and parallel outputs*.

The controller is supported by many software packages and programming languages.

Lumina Trusted