Cambridge Research Systems’ Toolbox for MATLAB gives you the best from your ViSaGe system. MATLAB is possibly the most popular tool for scientific and technical computing today. It offers a unique combination of ease of use and very powerful data manipulation and visualization. Its interactive script language is very easy to learn and use, and incorporates a vast range of powerful mathematical functions and graphics. Its simple command line interface allows you to quickly try out commands and immediately see the result.

The CRS Toolbox for MATLAB lets you develop ViSaGe applications using MATLAB with all the features that you have come to expect. It combines the power and convenience of MATLAB with essential ViSaGe features, for example: guaranteed precise stimulus presentations.

  • Fully vectorised programming: easily manipulate vectors and matrices in MATLAB and pass them directly as arguments for ViSaGe functions
  • Represent palettes and stimuli as matrices – perform matrix operations on them and transfer them to the ViSaGe
  • Integrated help from the MATLAB command line. Each Toolbox function is completely described and details arguments, return values and includes a complete example
  • MATLAB style error checking and range checking
  • Create stimuli using the power of MATLAB and easily transfer to the ViSaGe for display
  • Many new functions to simplify ViSaGe control and interrogate its status
  • Free, quick response technical support from our dedicated web portal and our team of scientists, programmers and engineers
  • More power, more applications

The CRS Toolbox isn’t just a MATLAB interface, it includes an array of Tools to simplify development of ViSaGe applications. Based upon customer feedback and technical support requests, the Tools address the needs and problems of developing real vision science applications. All of the Tools are supplied as M script files, so you can examine exactly how they work and even modify them to your own special requirements.