This flash / photic stimulator is ideal for photic activation during EEG studies, the strobe light product combines the brightness of a Xenon flash with the utility and ease of use of an LED device.

  • Equivalent lamp shape and brightness to the Grass PS33.
  • Small, light, and self-contained (only 1 box), which makes it easier to mount the unit on an arm for easy positioning.
  • Efficient due to the use of modern LEDs. The unit can utilize low voltage DC as a power source.
  • Due to efficiency, little internal heat is generated. This allows the unit to operate continuously and without the use of a fan.
  • Significant physiological advantages since it is noise-free.
  • No safety hazards since it doesn’t produce heat and offers low power consumption, allowing greater regulatory approval.

The photic stimulator comes standard with USB connection.  The system is compatible with many current and obsolete EEG systems.  Please contact us with your connection requirements to see how the photic can be an ideal replacement for your broken stimulato