VEEGSYNC – LED Light / Trigger Apparatus to Aid in Video / EEG Synchronizat

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VEEGSYNC – LED Light / Trigger Apparatus to Aid in Video / EEG Synchronization. This is a unique solution to facilitate synchronization of EEG signals with video recorded using any inexpensive video camera. Connect the device between the stimulus computer trigger port and the EEG system trigger port, position the LED light in the video frame, begin recording video, press the button on the VEEGSYNC console to illuminate the LED light one or more times and place synchronous markers in the EEG data file. Review the video in your preferred video review software and find the frame on which the first illumination of the LED light occurs. Enter the time of day in the header of the provided spreadsheet template. Review the rest of the video and note the times at which significant events occur in the video around which you would like to analyze the EEG. Enter those event descriptions (categories) and times in subsequent rows of the spreadsheet template. The spreadsheet will convert those video times into time offset values that can be used to construct a table of events to be imported into the EEG data file for further analysis.

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Charges Status Bond