ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp (Model 127) (New)

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ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp (Model 127) (New). "Want to know why the Tube MP is the world's most popular external tube microphone preamp? Maybe because it costs only a fraction of what you'd spend on comparable equipment, making it a great first mic preamp for a home studio.

But wait, home studios aren't the only reason the Tube MP is number 1. More than that, the Tube MP isn't just a mic preamp — musicians and engineers are using this versatile little box for all sorts of applications. But more on that in a minute. Let's get into what the ART Tube MP is all about.

First, a little refresher: A mic pre is an amplifier which boosts the low signal level of a microphone up to a line level signal. On a mixer, each input channel which accepts mic-level inputs will usually have a mic preamp onboard. But unless you spent a whole lot on your mixer, those preamps probably aren't that great. And if you are recording with a computer soundcard you may not have a preamp at all. Not to worry"

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
Charges Status Bond