ActiveRat Base System – Battery Powered (No Channels)

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ActiveRat Base System – Battery Powered (No Channels). Includes A/D box, two rechargeable battery units, Batter charger with AC supply, USB 2.0 Interface, fiber optic interface cable, acquisition software. AD box supports up to four amplifier/converter modules with eight channels each for a total of 32 channels. Modules/channels sold separately. Can be daisy chained with up to 16 units with 32 channels each or 32 units with 16 channels each (512 channels total) via fiber-optic. Data transfer to host via fiber-optic. Medical grade DC-DC power converter ensures full galvanic isolation of each animal from the next and from the host computer. Also includes optical receiver with 16 bit TTL trigger port, USB 2.0 interface to computer, USB A cable and software driver. Lower cost configurations available for configurations with eight or more AD boxes.

Additional information

Weight 30.00 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 in
Charges Status Bond