ActiveTwo Ergo Optical Adapter

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ActiveTwo Ergo Optical Adapter: The Optical Ergo allows to connect analog signal sources to the Ergo input which need to remain isolated from the AD-box. For example connecting the audio output of a PC to the AD-box. The signal is transmitted over a 5 meter optical fiber.

The inherent delay using the Ergo Optical is fixed at about 20 microseconds, regardless of signal frequency or sampling rate.

This is an alternative for the AIB if you need only 1 or 2 channels, or if you need higher sample-rates than 2 kHz (a system with an AIB only runs on Speedmode 4 @ 2kHz sampling-rate). A system with an Ergo Optical may run on any Speedmode, up to 16 kHz.

The optical transmitter (connected to the mains powered signal source) is powered by an ACDC adapter. (included)

The optical receiver (connected to the AD-box) is powered by the AD-box. The Ergo Optical cord excludes the Ergo Input (the amplifier/converter channels in the AD box and the 8-pin circular DIN input connector labeled ERGO).

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