ActiveTwo AD Box sEMG Grid Modification

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ActiveTwo AD Box sEMG Grid Modification. AD Box must have a minimum of 128 channels (16 amplifier/converter modules). The ABCD connectors of the EMG top will remain standard and they will function with 32 channel active electrode sets as usual. Input connectors E and F will be assigned the purpose of EMG signal input serving channels 129-256 (in case the AD box contains 256 channels). Input connectors G and H will be assigned the purpose of EMG signal input EMG for channels 1-128 (128 channels on two connectors wired in parallel with ABCD). For up to 128 channels, the AD Box modified for sEMG top can be used as normal with EEG. Only inputs EFGH will have a dedicated purpose of sEMG signal input.

***Customer is responsible for the cost to ship AD box to our facility in NC for modification. Return shipping cost will reflect the cost to ship and insure both new parts and the customer-owned AD box.***

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in
Charges Status Bond