ActiveTwo Base System – No Amplifier/Converter Modules

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ActiveTwo Base system consisting of the following components:
– ActiveTwo AD-box. Version 7.0.
AD conversion in 24 bit. Sample rate is adjustable: 2048 Hz (all 256+8+sens channels), 4096 Hz (max. 128+8+sens chan. available), 8192 Hz (max. 64+8+sens chan. available) or 16384 Hz (max. 32+8+sens chan. available) sample rate per
channel. Analog bandwidth is 1/5th of the selected sample rate. DC coupled amplifier and data transfer to the PC with a single optical fiber. Eight 68-pole IDC fine-pitch electrode connectors for 32-channel electrode sets. Eight 2-pole touchproof connectors for extra flat-type electrodes. Three auxiliary sensor DIN connectors. The AD-box is upgradeable to a maximum of 280 channels. Aux1 connector (DIN 4-pole) with CMS/DRL reference input.
– 2 x Battery box. 6 Volt. 4500 mAh sealed lead-acid battery with shutdown circuit.
– Charger USA. Fast charge (< 3.5 hours). - Fiber of 10 meters. ST-ST style connectors. 62.5-125 uM. - USB2.0 receiver. Trigger in/out connector (16 digital in, 16 digital out). - USB2.0 cables (1 meter & 1.8 meter) - Carrying case. - USB trigger cable.

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