ActiveTwo/Three USB 2.0 interface with USB cable and software driver

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ActiveTwo/Three USB 2.0 interface with USB cable and software driver. We refer to this device as the optical receiver or USB interface. This version of the USB interface accepts an optical cable with an SC plug, so the cable should have ST on the AD box end for ActiveTwo or SC for ActiveThree, and SC on the optical receiver end (the end that plugs into this box). The trigger port and USB port on this unit are consistent with older models and will work with the same cables that the older models worked with.

The Receiver converts the optical data coming from the AD-box to an USB2 output. In addition, the USB2 receiver has a trigger port with 16 independent trigger inputs and 12 independent trigger outputs. This setup keeps the complete stimulation setup galvanically isolated from the subject. The trigger output signals can be controlled with an extra independent LabVIEW thread integrated in the BioSemi acquisition software. The trigger inputs allow easy setup of EP/ERP measurements, and event logging.

The New USB2 Receiver offers extremely setup and installation (Plug and Play) combined with fully reliable high speed data throughput. A 256 channel 24bit ActiveTwo system at 4096kHz including a 32 channel Analog Input Box at 4096kHz has a total data throughput of 3.54MByte/sec. The ActiView acquisition software streams this data reliable to disk.

The USB2 receiver allows the ActiveTwo/Three system to be used with both desktops and notebooks. With the notebook option, you can realize a completely portable (everything fits in a small bag, less than 4Kg including notebook) 256 channel EEG/ECG/EMG system, independent of the mains supply.

– USB2 standard interface
– Large internal buffer for guaranteed gap-Free data streaming to the PC
– Fully powered though the USB2 port (no extra adapter needed)
– 37 pin sub-D connector at the back provides 16 input and 15 output triggers
– Trigger inputs remain galvanically isolated from AD-box, electrodes and subject
– LED indicator for indication of data coming from the fiber
– LED indicator for indication of data communication with USB2 port
– LED indicator for indication of input Trigger activity

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 2 in
Charges Status Bond