ActiveTwo Respiration Module (Includes Required Amplifier/Converter Channel

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ActiveTwo Respiration Module (Includes Required Amplifier/Converter Channels). Respiration belt SleepSense 1387-kit. Using a piezo-electric crystal, the respiration effort sensor converts chest or abdominal respiration movement to clear, reliable respiration waveforms. Strong reliable signals are available because the respiration belt uses the power supply of the ActiveTwo system. The respiration input can be mounted on the front of the AD-box when a system is ordered, or at a later stage. This model of respiration sensor and electronics is immediately compatible with ActiveTwo systems delivered from about January of 2013 on having ADC Motherboard version Moth17. Older ADC motherboards can be modified at our facility in NC to support this respiration sensor.

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 11 in